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Fernie #3Wendy Reade, Director, Fernie Alpine Resort Snow School
“The Learn Performance workshops with Marty help our team to look within ourselves as ski and snowboard teachers. Marty helps us develop a better understanding of ourselves as teachers, to look at what our opportunities are, to broaden our intuition, perspective and ultimately our ability to connect with our guests in a unique way.

We are working to develop a community of unique, true, individual teachers that have the opportunity to provide a unique mountain experience for our guests.”

Rebecca Davidson, Personal Training Client and Trainer
“Thank you for your great coaching, mentoring and training.”

Jackie Ho, PhD
“I asked Marty to give an introductory yoga class to a religious studies university class. Not only was Marty knowledgeable and able to demonstrate the asanas with fluidity and skill, but he was able to engage students’ interests and explain the breathing techniques with clarity. Marty provided a brief introduction to the history of yoga, dispelled many common assumptions about yoga, and actively motivated students, those at both beginner and advanced levels, to participate. The students benefited greatly from Marty’s expertise and his presentation was the highlight of the semester! I would definitely recommend Marty Hansen as a professional coach. Not only is he personable but he is a natural teacher.”

FullSizeRenderAnne Marie Fitzgerald, Personal Training Client
“Hi Marty! Here’s the progress photo with cluttered counter and all hah – first one taken April 23, ’15; second taken November 22, ’15.
7 months – 50 lbs – Transformation inside and out! Thank you for today’s session. It has been a journey and will continue to be! I enjoy the explorations and learning, be it mind body or spirit. I take away from sessions a different perspective (not sure that’s the word I’m looking for), a different sense to being present on the ski hill, with the hill and with myself. Working with you has been life changing! In more ways than I thought possible. Thank you! Truly blessed to have made the connection with you.”

Dr. Jennifer Nelson, TCMD, R.Ac
“Marty has worked with me with 1on1 training, Qigong and energy balancing since 2012. He has helped to improve my health in all aspects and I’m grateful for the deep knowledge and tools he provides to help keep me at my best. I would refer any of my patients to Marty as I know he’ll bring them exceptional results.”

Outdoor-Group1Michelle Brodeur, Snowboard Cross Racer
“The group training is great! I really get the best workout I can using my whole body and cardio.”

Melissa Best, Personal Training Client
“Marty was excellent training me for skiing and elevating my fitness levels to improve my execution on snow with reduced physical stress. He also helped rekindle the pure joy of skiing and just being in the mountains.”

IMG_5910Lisa Kennedy, Medicine Hat YMCA
“Our sincere thanks for your coaching and wisdom. Our Kettlebell Workshop was enjoyed by everyone and we’re excited now to introduce KBs into our programs. We appreciated the direct coaching and the guidance on working with individuals and groups to help us become more effective Trainers.”

Brett Marshall, Crossfit Calgary
“We had Marty up to our facility to provide our coaches with kettlebell instruction. Marty was extremely knowledgeable and provided invaluable progressions and exercises for use in our programming. His background, experience and approach to coaching make him a valuable resource for anyone looking to incorporate kettlebell into their training.”

Mike Souster, Director, Peak Power Sport Development
“On behalf of Peak Power Sport Development I would like to thank Marty of M-2 Sport for introducing us to the techniques of kettlebell training. Marty’s workshop was informative and professional and we look forward to incorporating kettlebells into our programs. Once we master some of the intro movements we will definitely have Marty back to introduce us to more advanced lifting.”

E. Rojas, Group Training
“Marty’s genius is in getting beginner and advanced participants alike working at their threshold.”

Clinic-101Darren Gardiner, Calgary Fire Department – Wellness Division
“I recommend Marty and M-2 Sport to any organization looking to provide an effective and professional workshop series. Kettlebell Training for Trainers and Coaches was presented very well!”

Scott Wildeman, Vice President Operations, World Health Club
“Marty is a very dynamic and engaging presenter. Marty is able to present the biomechanics and physiology surrounding kettlebell training and ensures that his audience is able to use the information immediately afterwards. His focus on safety and scope of practice is key.”

DSCN0188Sarah Leishman, Personal Training Client
“When I met Marty I was a high performance coach who had no concept of high performance fitness or lifestyle practices for myself as an individual. I was frustrated, often angry and generally unaware of the potential I had to manage daily obstacles with calculated awareness and efficiency. Marty worked with me both in person and in the gym and my perspective on my career, fitness, and my life changed drastically. It’s hard to summarize what it means to understand the value of choice, motivation and inspiration in words when the feeling of these concepts are now so intrinsic to me. I can best explain it by saying that there are now days when I look at things that used to overwhelm me and now have an understanding on my physiological and intellectual capacity of managing just about anything. My current belief in my own successes are a true testament to the impact of Marty’s systematic approach to coaching through careful process-driven techniques (both in and out of the gym) and extensive experience in a wide variety of roles. Thank you Marty!”

seminarsEliane, Alberta Ski Patrol, Banff
“Fitness for Skiers – inspirational, cutting edge and refreshing. We are eager to take not only our fitness but now our skiing as well to the next level.

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