There is no point in trying to contort or manipulate oneself in an attempt to make life easier but only to wonder why the effort doesn’t liberate! And yet a large understanding of how we know our wisdom and our faith to be is recognized through the physical layer.  The way of practice or training responds to you, to be designed and tweaked to positively affect. To make sense in and of life by connecting with focus and with the alignment that creates ease and joy. Knowing our uniqueness is in how and where intentions are focused on, over a level of skill in movement or fitness achieved. So even though I’m all about the forms that practice produces, I’m more about how people looking deep within to learn what’s true for them. The reality is that when you truly tune in to who you are you can then connect to the natural cycles that guide everything. This truth is not accessed by thought or conceived through theory.  Truth or reality arrives through the ability to surrender and be guided holistically to create the order that peace provides!

We are all seeking a deeper connection, what are you willing to do to find it?